Peruvian vs Brazilian Hair: Which Is Best For Me?


Peruvian vs Brazilian hair? Which one is the best? In this head to head comparison, we will take a look at the differences between Brazilian hair; a long time favorite, and Peruvian hair; a rare but luxurious choice of virgin hair.

Please note that many retailers use the labels "Brazilian or Peruvian" simply as descriptions of a particular look and feel, while the hair may not actually be from Peru nor Brazil. Factors such as natural hair texture, color, installation, styling and the quality of the virgin hair itself can make an incredible difference in how beautiful you look with virgin hair extensions.

About Brazilian Hair

Often said to be sourced from the rural regions of Brazil, this virgin hair is thick, soft and naturally wavy.  Although  the ethnic makeup of the people of Brazil is diverse and would allow for beautiful hair textures, Brazilians do not regularly donate their hair to be processed.   

About Peruvian Hair

Compared to Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair is more coarse and can come in light brown, deep brown or darker colors. Peruvian virgin hair has similar characteristics to Brazilian hair. (similiar body and natural wave pattern). You can even blend Peruvian and Brazilian hair together for a fabulous full body look with lots of bounce! Peruvian hair can withstand varying degrees of temperature and tends to curl more when wet. Because of its natural fullness and body, less bundles are needed to complete a full installation. Saving you a little money.

Brazilian Curly Hair

Overall Rating:

Similar to the texture of donors of Native Indian and African descent, this hair is typically coarse and naturally curly. Dark brown to near black in color. This type of virgin hair is durable and bouncy and mixes well with Afro-Caribbean hair types.

brazilian deep curly hair

Brazilian Curly Hair is a fabulous choice for achieving a full bodied, bouncy head of hair. Holding well in heat and humidity, this hair texture can blend well with your natural hair and will last long when properly cared for.

Peruvian Curly Hair

Overall Rating:

Peruvian hair is often steam curled to develop the tight wavy pattern. The durability of Peruvian hair allows the hair to maintain it’s curly texture very well in hot and humid conditions. 


This hair is also suited for Afro-Caribbean hair textures and is highly resistant to the sun and heat damage. However, it is highly recommended that your hair investment be washed and moisturized regularly

Brazilian Wavy Hair

Overall Rating:

Brazilian Wavy hair is one of the most common types of Brazilian hair on the market. This hair has the soft wavy texture common with donors of mixed Spanish, Native Indian & African ancestry. This hair is coarse and has a natural wave. It is often dark brown and has lots of bounce and body. 

Vrigin Brazilian Body Wave

Extremely versatile, this grade of hair is the choice for many celebrities and is a great choice for those who want beautiful bouncy curls that can easily be maintained and last for up to a year.

Peruvian Wavy Hair

Overall Rating:

Also very common and growing in popularity, Peruvian wavy hair is a great choice for a beautiful wavy hair texture. Although the waves are not as tight or curly, the Peruvian hair has a great loose wave that falls easily without losing body. 


The hair is soft, light and airy, while maintaining a medium luster that makes the hair look healthy and clean. It is also dark brown and can be died without losing its luster and quality.

Brazilian Straight Hair

Overall Rating:

Typical of donors of European, Spanish or Native Indian ancestry, Brazilian Straight hair is very silky and straight but may be slightly wavy depending on the source. The texture of the hair is very fine and can be styled, dyed, worn straight or even curled.


Brazilian Straight Hair is typically thick from root to end and has a beautiful medium or high luster.  The hair is soft but coarse and blends well with Afro-Caribbean hair textures. 

Peruvian Straight Hair

Overall Rating:

Peruvian Virgin Straight Hair very silky and is also naturally straight. When whet, this hair may curl slightly and may require straightening after styling. The texture of the hair blends well with nearly all hair types and may require higher heat when styling.

Peruvian Straight Hair

Use a heat protector when styling Peruvian straight hair. This hair will last long when properly cared for and will it typically does not frizz easily in humid temperatures.