How Many Hair Bundles Do I Need?

How Many Hair Bundles Do I Need?

It depends on the look that you are going for and the density of each bundle. Typically,  short hair styles (8 inches – 14 inches) may only require 2 bundles and a closure or your natural leave out.  Hair styles between 14 inch – 22 inches will typically require 3 bundles and a closure.  Long hair styles of 24 inches and up will typically require 4 bundles to achieve a full body look. Use the chart below to determine how many hair bundles you need.

how many bundle do i need

While there are some hair companies that offer 5 oz  and 7 oz bundles, most individual bundles weigh in at about 3.5 oz. This weight can sometimes be skewed and inaccurate based on the way the bundle is tied together and weighed. Some suppliers use several rubber bands around the base of the weft which can add extra weight but not extra hair.

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Hair Bundle Length is The Most Important Factor

Even though most hair bundles weight the same (approximately 3.5oz);  The longer the hair, the smaller the weft.

Longer hair tends to look thinner and have less body so they will require more bundles. If you want natural looking body & volume, you may need to use 4 or even 5 bundles to achieve a full body style.

how many bundles

Layer Your Bundle Lengths

An 18″-20″-22″ length combination will achieve a fuller look than (3) 22″  bundles for example, because the the shorter length bundles have more hair on the weft; Thereby increasing the volume and fullness of the final install.  Longer hair will require more bundles to achieve a naturally full look.

3 Bundles vs. 4 Bundles

3 Bundles brazilian curly hairhair bundles do i need

Quick Tip:

In order to achieve a full body look with hair bundles that are over 22″ –  Double up on the longest length.  i.e.- 20″-22″-24″-24″  Creates a fuller look than 20″-22″-24″.

Consider the Texture & Curl Pattern

The type of texture you decide on will also have an impact on how many hair bundles you will need. Straight hair tends to lay flat while curly or deep wave textures add body and volume. Washing and conditioning the hair may affect its body and bounce, giving you a thinner look than you may have anticipated. Depending on the natural thickness of the bundles, you may want to purchase more than you think you’ll need.

If you are going for a full body look with a lot of volume and bounce you will typically need 4 bundles to complete the install.

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How Many Bundles Do I Need with a Frontal?

Because frontals provide more head coverage than a closure or leave out, you can typically achieve a normal body look with less bundles. But ultimately, it depends on the length and fullness of the hairstyle that you want.

If you want hair length that is between 8″- 16″ when installed,  you will need a minimum of (2) bundles and (1) frontal.

If your longest hair length is between 16 – 22″, you will need a minimum of (3) bundles and (1) Frontal. For really thick and full looks, add an extra bundle of the longest length.

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