How To Find The Best Weft Sealer For Your Virgin Hair

Sealing hair wefts should be one of the first things that you do once purchasing your new hair bundles. Choosing a weft sealer shouldn’t be a difficult task but it has become more and more complicated because there are so many different types of products that can be used to seal wefts. Some weft sealers are specifically designed for sealing virgin hair wefts while others are designed for bonding other materials such as fabrics or cloth.

Here is our list of products and hair weft sealers that you might want to try on your next bundles. Ultimately, deciding on the best weft sealer for you, may be a matter of trial , error and personal preference. Hopefully this list will give you a starting point.

Aleene’s Fabric Fusion

Aleene’s fabric Fusion is designed to adhere fabrics together but works fairly well and is commonly used as a weft sealant. It has a gel like consistency that doesn’t make the hair weft stiff as a board. It also dries fast and doesn’t lose any strength after it gets wet. The gel like consistency may not always seep into the hair weft very well and may require some dabbing in order to penetrate the wefts and seal them. Fabric fusion dries clear and works well in combination with other fabric glues.

Dritz Fray Check

306191Dritz Fray Check is one of the most popular products used to seal hair wefts. This glue is excellent because it is clear and does not leave behind a sticky residue after drying. Considered by many to be the best weft sealer, this product is not specific for hair wefts and could be improved if it came in a darker color.

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Nevertheless, even after coming in contact with water, the sealant continues to work well but the bond may weaken after multiple washes. It does not leave behind a harsh smell and keeps the hair wefts intact for a long time without the need to reseal.  From jeans, to couches, to fabric and hair wefts, it;s hard to go wrong with Fray Check.

Shed Stop Weft Sealer

THProducts_ShedStop-2Stop Shed Weft Sealer is a dark colored sealant that bonds quickly to the weft. The glue is thin and comes with an applicator tip that makes it easier to apply the glue to the weft. The weft still remain flexible after the application and does not leave behind a strong odor. The glue stops a significant amount of shedding but comes in a small bottle that may run out sooner than expected.

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Easy Track Weft Sealer

weft_sealer_dark-3.4ozEasy Track Weft sealer is designed specifically for sealing virgin hair wefts. This sealant comes with an applicator brush and bonds the hair well. The product works well for removing nearly all the shedding. The downside to this sealer is that the smell can be very acidic and strong. It is often said to dry and leave a white residue after getting wet. The applicator brush makes this product a little difficult to apply and can leave an unwanted mess after application. Be sure to go slowly when using this product so as not to damage your hair.

Never Loose Weft Sealer

nl-clearNever Loose Weft Sealer is a quality weft sealer that dries very quickly and comes in both dark and clear formulas. The bottle is small and you will need more than one to complete all of your bundles depending on how much hair you are planning to seal. The product is very similar to Stop Shed Weft sealer and may even be from the same manufacturer. They share many of the same characteristics and drawbacks with the exception of the dark color formula.

Aleene’s Stop Fraying

Similar to Aleene’s Fabric Fusion, this fabric glue does a good job of sealing wefts and stopping unwanted shedding. This product will absolutely decrease the amount of shedding on your hair wefts but does not dry as well as some other products. It has a tendency to remain a little sticky and gluey after application. The adhesive bond may also begin to fade over time and will require reapplication to continue to prevent shedding.