5 Cheap Brazilian Hair Bundles That Look and Feel Amazing

The price of beauty may be high but finding premium quality virgin hair bundles doesn't have to cost a you a bundle. There are lots Brazilian hair companies that offer cheap Brazilian hair bundles that look and feel amazing without sacrificing quality.  Here are 5 of our favorites.

(B&F) Beauty Forever Hair


Beauty Forever Hair offers fabulous quality hair at a fraction of the cost of high end Brazilian hair extensions.   Make no mistake, this hair company sources 100% unprocessed virgin hair at premium quality. Not treated with any chemicals, Beauty Forever hair blends perfectly with most hair textures and maintains a soft, natural feel that is easy to comb through without excessive shedding or tangling.  

Bleach it, dye it, or curl it; Known to hold curls well, Beauty Forever maintains great volume and bounce for months if properly maintained. With a price tag ranging from $59 - $184, Beauty Forever Hair will save on your wallet without sacrificing the on quality, luxury and style. 

Superlove Hair

Cheap Brazilian Hair Bundles


Superlove Hair may be the best kept secret when it comes to cheap Brazilian Hair bundles that don't sacrifice quality for price.  This little known company provides premium hair bundles at a fraction of the cost of most luxury hair companies.  Superlove Hair also offers quality bundles of 100% virgin Malaysian, Peruvian, Indian and Russian Hair

3 Virgin hair bundles

With a variety of styles available including, straight, wavy and curly, hair, Superlove patterns will not disappoint. The hair color is a natural 1b and can be dyed, straightened and curled without damaging the hair quality. No foul smell out of the bag. Superlove hair is super soft and can maintain its lustrous and silky quality for months if it is properly cared for.  Try the silk or lace closures to complete your glamorous look. 

Superlove Hair ranges from 10" - 26" of high quality hair that is free of tangles and true to length when straightened. Most bundles range from 3.5-4 oz of hair. For longer sew-in's, you may require up to 4 bundles. Fortunately, Superlove hair offers 3 & 4 bundle deals that may also include a silk or lace closures.   This unprocessed virgin human hair is double machine weft which minimizes shedding. (we still recommend sealing the wefts upon receipt

Nadula Virgin Hair


With over 100 Five Star Reviews, Nadula Virgin Hair delivers luxurious bounce with gorgeous wave patterns at reasonable prices.  It doesn't feel right to call Nadula Hair, cheap human hair extensions because the quality of these bundles is nothing short of amazing.

With hair textures that include straight, curly, wavy and styles that range from 1/b Natural to 1/b/4/27 (Ombre)  Nadula Virgin Hair offers one of the best varieties of quality virgin hair.   This hair can be dyed, straightened and curled with no problems and will hold its curl and texture when properly maintained.  Although there are few tangles, it is recommended that you gently comb through your Nadula Virgin Hair to reveal its beautiful texture and patterns. 

This quality hair ranges from 8-26 inches and comes in 3 and 4 bundle deals.   (Hair over 22" may require 4 bundles) Closures and eyelashes may be included in some bundle deals as well.  It is recommended that this hair be washed and conditioned regularly.  The high quality wefts have minimal shedding but we recommend sealing the wefts in order to maintain the luxurious quality for longer periods of time. Overall, you can't go wrong with Nadula Virgin Hair for low cost Brazilian hair bundles. 

Ali Julia Hair


Ali Julia Hair Company offers great quality 100% human hair. With many popular styles available, Ali Julia Hair Company offers great deals and even giveaways on their virgin hair.  With Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian Hair for sale, Ali Julia Hair is definitely known for quality Brazilian hair and massive savings.  

"Ali Julia Hair is known to come in many popular textures and will not disappoint when it comes to styling. This hair is versatile and will take to all of your styling needs. Dye it, Curl it, or Straighten it; Ali Julia Hair will hold up well. Run your fingers through this super soft hair and you will agree. 

With multiple 5 star ratings, Ali Julia hair provides 3 & 4 bundle deals and can even include lace closures. Ali Julia hair is true to length and boasts amazing quality.  Like most virgin hair, there will be some shedding and possibly some "beards" on the weft ends.

However, Ali Julia hair delivers most on its quality hair which has hardly any shedding, matting or tangling. With full bodied bundles,  ranging from 10"- 26", Ali Julia doesn't sacrifice quality for cost. 

Rechoo Hair


Rechoo Hair offers high quality hair at an affordable price.  This company delivers 300 grams (approximately 10 oz.) with their Rechoo Hair 3 bundle deals. Add in their quick delivery and your quality Brazilian hair should arrive in just a few days.  

Boasting 100% virgin remy hair, Rechoo hair offers all styles including Silky Straight, Body Wave, Deep Curly, Loose Wave, Natural Wave, Kinky Curly, etc.  Hair ends have been known to be slightly frizzy and many customers have trimmed the hair to maintain an elegant look. This hair holds curls extremely well and even looks great after flat ironing.  The soft, thick hair is great as a traditional sew-in.  

Rechoo Hair offers 18 combinations of bundle deals starting at 3 bundles of 10" Brazilian hair all the way to 28" bundles. This hair is true to length but the curly variety may be slightly shorter than expected. If you plan to buy Brazilian Curly hair,  we recommend getting 1" longer than your expected length.  Although there may be some split ends, the overall hair quality is lustrous, soft and surprisingly thick. 

*Please Note: Customer reviews are actual but have been paraphrased by VHG review staff.