How Much Does Brazilian Hair Cost?

One of the most asked questions we receive is, "How much does Brazilian hair cost?" Prices typically range from $25 - $45 per bundle on the low end, with the highest quality Brazilian hair bundles costing up to $200 per bundle depending on the supplier. Brazilian hair is the most popular type of virgin hair because it is durable, soft and versatile. Here, we looked at 16"-18"-20" bundles with a 14" closure to give you a price comparison by brand. 

Marketplaces such as Aliexpress or Amazon will offer the lowest cost bundles (typically from $15-$35 per bundle). The mostly Chinese suppliers can sell directly on these platforms, thereby cutting costs. This hair may vary in quality and may be processed in some cases. We have selected the best hair vendors with the highest ratings below.

The most value for your investment are bundle deals that offer 3 or 4 bundles plus a Closure or Frontal as part of the package. Expect to pay anywhere between $65 - $95 per bundle deal on the low end. These bundles are typically found on Aliexpress or Amazon and can offer good value for the money.


3 Brazilian Hair Bundles + Closure 
Under $120
(16"-18"-20"+ 14" Closure)

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The best Brazilian hair bundles will typically be affordable with higher quality hair texture and durability. These companies sell hair at approximately $45-$75 per bundle. These hair extensions are high quality, affordable and last up to 1 year with proper care. Some companies even offer money back guarantees or return policies as well. Here you will find the most value for your money. 

Within the $150 - $250 price range, there are several virgin hair vendors that offer 3 hair bundle deals with amazing quality. The best value for your money. Offering 100% unprocessed virgin hair, these hair bundles are machine weft and have not been dyed, permed, bleached, or treated with any chemicals. These virgin hair companies often have great customer service, large social media followings, great branding and quality assurance programs.  

*Best Value BUNDLES*

3 Brazilian Hair Bundles + Closure 
(16"-18"-20"+ 14" Closure)

The highest priced bundle deals will often offer 100% unprocessed virgin hair.  Some of these vendors are very popular and have large social media followings, several store locations & even celebrity endorsements, which may mean more expenses get passed onto the consumer. Expect high quality with a high price tag. 

Premium cost hair bundles will typically be Indian Temple Hair or Asian vendors that purchase and resell rare and high quality hair directly from manufacturers. The hair collection process is selective and rigorous and many companies may also employ savvy marketing techniques to increase the brand value. While these companies offer excellent quality, be aware that the selling price will also come at a premium. Expect to pay over $100 per bundle.


3 Brazilian Hair Bundles + Closure 
(16"-18"-20"+ 14" Closure)

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