How To Bring Your Bundles Back To Life

Revive Your Human Hair Extensions

Virgin human hair is an investment, especially if you buy high quality. Like any investment, you have to take care of it for it to be healthy, shiny, and gorgeous. Over time, you might notice your hair becoming dry and dull. 

Here are four easy steps to bring even the most damaged of hair weaves back to their original shine, feel, and healthy look!

Detangle Your Bundles 

One of the points of getting a weave is to extend your hair length, and longer hair is prone to tangling. Everyday things like wind, sleeping, and even just being out and about can cause tangles.

Any weave can be detangled with a little patience and a wide-toothed comb. You use a wide-toothed comb because it is less prone to breaking your hair than a regular brush would be.

You should start the detangling process by combing out the ends and slowly working your way up the strands. If you come across any knots, slowly and gently loosen the knot with your fingers before you try to run the comb through it. 

Deep Conditioning

After you are sure you got all the tangles out of your weave, you can move onto the second part, deep conditioning. This is the most crucial step to bringing your weave back to life. Deep conditioning moisturizes your hair by opening up each cuticle and allowing moisture to penetrate deep through every strand.

End by saturating every strand and then continue to distribute it with your wide-toothed comb.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

An ACV Rinse will restore the pH balances to your hair. If you have unbalanced pH levels, your weave goes from gorgeous to a mess very quickly. The reason your weave is so sleek and shiny when you first get it is because the cuticle is still fully sealed. 

However, the more you use any products, shampoo, and dry shampoo your hair, or use tools like straightening irons or curling irons, you fry your hair. The cuticle that gave your weave such a healthy and shiny look strips away and you're left with dry, frizzy, unhealthy hair.

You can help revive it with a natural product, however. You use Apple Cider Vinegar because it is the least damaging option to bring your weave back to its original glory. When you're ready, mix three parts water with one part Apple Cider Vinegar. Next, thoroughly saturate your hair and leave it in for an hour then rinse. Deep condition again.

Give Your Hair Extensions a Bleach Bath

A bleach bath is a surefire way to make your weave look and feel like new again! This step should be done only if all else fails and as a last resort. This step requires using chemicals so make sure your hands are properly protected with latex gloves​.

Your weave can be a gorgeous extension to enhance your natural beauty. It requires a little TLC and proper care to make it as beautiful as possible.