Aliexpress Hair Review: Nadula Hair

Aliexpress Hair Review_6_Nadula
Nadula Virgin Hair delivers luxurious bounce with gorgeous wave patterns at reasonable prices. It doesn't feel right to call Nadula Hair, cheap because the quality of these bundles is nothing short of amazing.

"Overall this hair is super, super soft. So far this is probably one of the most natural curly hair extensions that I've ever worn before.."

 - Kay & Kosh

So far everything has been great with the hair. I have not cut this hair or anything. This is a 14 inch closure, a 16, 18 and 20.  I actually only used two bundles and a closure. I didn't even need the third bundle. Even if you don't use the third bundle you'll still have hair left over, for me at least.  When I got the hair it did come Priority Mail. It came USPS, the shipping was pretty fast.

PRICE4 out of 5 stars
LUSTER & SOFTNESS4 out of 5 stars
BUNDLE DENSITY3.5 out of 5 stars
SHEDDING & TANGLING3 out of 5 stars
LONGEVITY3 out of 5 stars
HEAT RESISTANCE3.5 out of 5 stars
SHIPPING5 out of 5 stars
 - Prices start at under $40/bundle -

They ended up shipping it the same day that I ordered it, I believe or maybe the next day. It came two days later, I think from California.  All of the bundles are individually wrapped.  Then the closure came inside of a bigger envelope. Wrapped around the bundles it says unprocessed, human virgin hair, 100% virgin hair on a little slip. Just like all of the other hair that I wear, I made this hair into a unit. So far I've been loving it. I haven't had any problems. One thing I do have to say is initially when I did first get the hair, it smelled.

"I haven't had tangling issues, but I have had a little bit of shedding."

The shampoo and conditioner that I use is the Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap in tea tree.  Also the Shea Moisture Curl and Shine Conditioner in Coconut and Hibiscus. This is what I use on my natural hair. I just love this on curly extensions because it really defines the curls. I also use a Denman brush when I do it because when you have curly hair you really want to make sure that the hair is defined. 

Like I was saying, I'm not sure if the shedding is just with the install because I know sometimes when I install hair it will shed a little bit just from sewing it and maneuvering with the hair. It is also curly hair, so shedding is pretty normal. Overall this hair is super, super soft. So far this is probably one of the most natural curly hair extensions that I've ever worn before.

They're really, really, really soft. This hair is super duper soft. 

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